Hi there!

I am Yaroslav Derevianko. GDP-Evangelist, Business Student and Social Entrepreneur.

I worked for more than 3 years at American corporation conducting the GDP/GMP audits at BIG PHARMA organizations, wholesale distributors and pharma logistics companies in the EMEA region.

In 2019 I quit my office job in order to start a social project, bamvelo – bamboo bicycle for a better life – with an ultimate goal to help the poorest people in the rural areas of Vietnam to get out of acute poverty and hunger. At the same time, I have been working as a bicycle courier in Utrecht delivering medicine for several pharmacies. At that time I realized that despite the sustainable way of delivering medicine the overall process was not compliant with regulations, was not convenient and trustworthy for patients, was not efficient for both pharmacists and couriers. So, this is when the idea of Urban Pharma Logistics has been born.

During summer 2021 I am conducting field research “Optimization of pharmacy-to-patient medicine delivery” with the ultimate goal of 

  • optimizing the internal processes for pharmacies with new technologies,
  • providing a better and more convenient service to the patients, 

So the delivery process will be safe, sustainable and cost-effective.

I am looking now for pharmacy-owners who will be willing to participate in a short interview (20-30 min) so I can understand the medicine delivery process better from the perspective of pharmacy. 

Are you a pharmacy-owner and want to contribute to this research? Then drop me an email at yaroutrecht@gmail.com!

I believe that with your help I can get relevant insights and offer a better solution for Dutch pharmacies.

Best regards,

Yaroslav Derevianko